We stack organic corn tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese OR soy cheese, tofu OR tempeh, salsa and red sauce and serve it with black OR pinto beans and brown rice to achieve the flavor of old Santa Fe.

Find yoursel craving a healthy but hearty meal? Try our homemade cornbread smothered in black OR pinto beans, brown rice, salsa, red sauce and garden veggies. Or try it topped with Savory Sauce.

Who wouldn't enjoy soy chorizo scrambled together with your choice of organic cage-free eggs OR organic tofu? We serve it with organic brown rice and your choice of pinto OR black beans and 2 corn tortillas.

Our FAMOUS Spot Burger consists of a blend of rice, tofu, nuts, pinto beans, Tamari, soy cheese and spices on a whole wheat bun OR homemade bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion served with a side of Rice OR veggies.

For those who can't get enough Savory, try organic black OR pinto beans and brown rice in a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with baked tofu, cheese OR soy cheese. Swap out red sauce for Savory Sauce.