Santa Fe Enchiladas

Published in Entrée

We stack organic corn tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese OR soy cheese, tofu OR tempeh, salsa and red sauce and serve it with black OR pinto beans and brown rice to achieve the flavor of old Santa Fe.

"Some faves include the enchiladas with tempeh, the Neptune loaf and chili burger."

~ Denise V., Hermosa Beach, CA

"I selected a massive plate for my palate. A taco, enchilada and tamale, served with almond rice. Gosh, but with so much to choose; I asked about the veggie chili and the waitress said she would gladly smother the enchilada in chili instead of the enchilada sauce. YUM. Excellent suggestion."

~ Carrie N., Signal Hill, CA

"That night I went to The Spot, a cozy shack of a vegetarian restaurant, and ordered an overwhelming plate of their tempeh enchiladas which were the special that night. Although tempeh has the texture of a potato, my meat craving was immediately satiated. Those were some of the best enchiladas I've ever had! Just the familiar flavor of enchilada sauce and cheese quelled my hankering for meat."

The enchiladas were served with seasoned brown rice, perfectly cooked black beans, and a bed of lettuce on top. Delicious AND healthy!"

~ Cindy T., San Francisco, CA

"My date had the tempe enchiladas with black beans and rice. Wow. Her dish was to die for. Huge portions and so much flavor."

~ Lizzie P., San Diego, CA

"The tacos, enchiladas and burritos are amazing but they have a full variety of items on their menu not just mexican style food."

~ Nicholas G., San Mateo, CA

"Unexpectedly amazing Mexican food. I'm still thinking about my tempeh enchiladas I had for lunch. They were perfection and so filling. Their red sauce is rich, flavorful, and authentic."

~ Carissa P., Denver, CO

"The veggie enchilada, my new best friend."

~ Martha D. Manhattan Beach, CA