The Garden Corney

Published in Entrée

Find yoursel craving a healthy but hearty meal? Try our homemade cornbread smothered in black OR pinto beans, brown rice, salsa, red sauce and garden veggies. Or try it topped with Savory Sauce.


"Garden corny. Big hunk of corn bread (not too sweet or oily--I like it!) smothered with beans, brown rice, steamed veggies, and red sauce. Nice, wholesome food.  Good!"

~ Michelle T., Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

"The Garden Corny is really good too … healthy and full of all kinds of vitamins and a variety of food ... Yummy cornbread covered in brown rice, beans, and grilled vegetables."

~ Ami T., Los Angeles, CA

"I'm a dude and I'm not ashamed to eat at this vegetarian place. The food is awesome if you get the right thing. I usually get the Tamale Combo Plate of Garden Corny. There are veggies galore topped with some kind of awesome  sauce on brown rice and black beans (or pinto)."

~ Dan M., Hermosa Beach, CA

"There are moments when I crave the Garden Corny or Mexirama. These dishes 'hit the spot' and leave me feeling nourished rather than sluggish."

~ Ivy F., Redondo Beach, CA