Spinach Enchilada Special

Published in Entrée

If you're lucky and the stars are aligned, you'll visit us when we offer Tofu and Spinach Enchilada special with brown rice, black OR pinto beans, soup OR salad. We feature this item regularly due to popular demand.


"These Mexican-inspired enchiladas are hearty and delicious. The tofu is perfectly seasoned with I don't know what. I only know it's perfect with the spinach and cheese and sauce. I've been lobbying Tonya to add it to the regular menu now for years."

~ Rita Hutchinson, Playa Del Rey, CA

"Three rolled torrtillas with a spinach and tofu mixture inside had a delicious red sauce with cheese on top. The brown rice - which has great flavor - was a perfect compliment and to the flavor and texture of the enchiladas."

~ Ken V., Corona, CA

"After a day in the hot sun of the beach, nothing beats a trip to the Spot, except maybe a trip during the times they offer the Spinach Enchilada plate. It's so good. And with a cold frosty beer, its the great replenisher of the will to party well into the night."

~ Sandra H., Long Beach, CA