Savory Presto Pasta

Published in Entrée

In the mood for a delicious way to eat a lot of vegetables that isn't too heavy or too light but just right? Try our whole wheat or Quinoa pasta and garden veggies covered with Savory Sauce and cheese OR soy cheese.


"The Spot's savory presto pasta dish is like pasta you can't get anywhere else. It's full of fresh vegetables and the pasta isn't over-filling. I order mine without the cheese and topped with red chili flakes."

~ Danielle Woeller, Torrance, CA

"We shared the presto pasta, a delicious original combination of pasta mixed with veggies and topped by this creamy vegan sauce that was out of this world.  My wife and I practically licked the plate!"

~ Mark D., Glendale, CA

"Crisp, perfectly cooked vegetables and cheese top al dente pasta, cooked like Momma used to make it, and then there's this white, creamy sauce that is crazy good; this is my go-to meal for all the taste without adding to my waist."

~ Bella D., Redondo Beach, CA