Soyrizo Scramble

Published in Entrée

Who wouldn't enjoy soy chorizo scrambled together with your choice of organic cage-free eggs OR organic tofu? We serve it with organic brown rice and your choice of pinto OR black beans and 2 corn tortillas.


"The soyrizo scramble is the best vegan breakfast in Los Angeles. The only problem … so much delicious food and not near enough tortilla. I always run out and have to order more. My partner takes half of his home. Me? I fast the day before so I don't have to."

~ Travis M., Mt. Washington, CA

"The soyrizo tastes like chorizo, I can't believe they make this here and vegetarian! I thought I'd never have chorizo again when I went veggie and I'm soooo glad to know its here when I need the taste of home."

~ Maria D., Los Angeles, CA

"I can't believe how much flavor they pack in that veg-chorizo sauce ... its so good my mouth is watering just thinking about it!"

~ Tammy B., West Hills, CA