The Spot Burger

Published in Entrée

Our FAMOUS Spot Burger consists of a blend of rice, tofu, nuts, pinto beans, Tamari, soy cheese and spices on a whole wheat bun OR homemade bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion served with a side of Rice OR veggies.


"The Spot burger isn't like anything served at any other veggie restaurant. This burger is big and custom. The closest thing to it was the Good Earth's Planet Burger, which got smaller and smaller over the years. This burger is big and delicious. You can add guacamole or BBQ sauce or anything else. With a side order of beer … Mmmmmmm!"

~ D. Custadero, Hawthorne, CA

"This burger is the largest and best vegetarian burger out there. That is what we love about going to The Spot. My wife can nibble on her quinoa and salads and I can drink some beer and eat a large, satisfying burger. One thing for sure: I don't miss the meat."

~ Duane Harder, El Segundo, CA

"For those times when I'm craving a burger, I head to The Spot. For what you get, the size of the plate and the amount of fresh veggies, it's the healthiest and best deal in town. I order mine with a big dollop of avocado. So should you."

~ Elise Mancilla, North Hollywood, CA