Savory Super Burrito

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For those who can't get enough Savory, try organic black OR pinto beans and brown rice in a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with baked tofu, cheese OR soy cheese. Swap out red sauce for Savory Sauce.


"I'm not going to lie. I put savory sauce on everything. To me, a super burrito topped with that special, white and creamy sauce makes more sense than the red sauce. But then again, I'd pretty much say that about anything. Savory is perfect on enchiladas, pasta, cornbread, tamales and more. The savory super burrito isn't on the menu. You have to ask for it."

~ April M., Hawthorne, CA

"I've been coming to The Spot since 1987 and I've only ordered one thing: Super Burrito with Savory Sauce. I used to drive down from Santa Barbara once a month just to eat one and drive back. This burrito, by itself, has more to do with me becoming vegan than any other menu item anywhere else. It's that good."

~ M. Garcia, Eagle Rock, CA

"The Super Burrito is delicious with the red sauce or the house savory sauce. The overall flavor of the burrito changes drastically depending on which sauce you get. Me, I switch between the two but if I was forced to choose one, I'd order the savory 8 out of ten times. But I'd feel like Sophie."

~ Kim F., Manhattan Beach, CA

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