Carrots & Tahini

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Each day we offer a "soup of the day", like our Golden Lima Bean, our popular Split Pea Soup, our hearty Texas Three Bean Soup or delicately-flavored Lentil Soup, served with homemade bread and side of margarine.


"There are times I want a big burrito or stuffed spud and there are times I want something light but delicious. A bowl of soup with fresh, hot bread always does the trick. My personal favorite is the split pea soup. It really is a meal unto itself."

~ S. Culliard, Resda, CA

"With the first bite of bread the rich aroma of a fresh home-baked loaf fills your senses and sends those little pleasure chemicals rushing like mad to your brain. Then the soup. Now, I'm not normally a Lima Bean person, but this soup was beautiful AND delicious."

~ Thomas G., Manhattan Beach, CA

"Its rare to find a good bowl of soup that is loaded with flavor, but The Spot delivers a one-two punch with their bread and soup combination; fresh and filled with taste enough to satisfy, its hard to believe this is healthy."

~ Marlynn H., Ashland, OR

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